Having Sex With A Sex Doll

Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the most common questions we get asked, hearing what it’s really like to have sex with a real flat chest sex doll. Of course, as you’ve probably read, you’re supposed to have a strong orgasm, and you’re guaranteed complete freedom to live out all the eccentric fantasies and desires you’ve ever had. Exactly as you might imagine, and when you’ll need it – but you might also want to know more practical considerations.

how do you feel? Another hot issue. How do physical sensations differ between having sex with a RealDoll and having sex with a human partner? There are other ways to have sex with a sex doll, including how to get started, how to place a luxury love doll, and how to prepare a sex doll for the sexiest and most enjoyable experience.

Remember, before we dive into our ultimate guide to the best sex with your new life-size love doll, your real love doll is entirely designed for your pleasure. .. You’ve spent time researching your dream sex doll, you’ve been careful to customize your sex doll to suit your tastes and turn it on, so do what feels right to you. Just because a guy likes sex with a real love doll doesn’t shake your world to the same extent. It’s always worth taking the time to find your favorite. After all, it’s half the fun!

Feels like having sex with a real doll
As I mentioned before, sex is very personal and your own taste is what matters. Some people like to set the scene and bring out the foreplay to add excitement, while others enjoy the gratification of fast and tense moments.

The formula for finding the best way to have sex with a Dutch wife comes down to your own taste and preferences. If you’re looking for a date with a luxury love doll, you’ll probably enjoy dressing up the sex doll, choosing music, and spending time enjoying pre-sex rituals.

Late gratification may not work for you if your interests are more free to live through your wildest fantasies with the help of the best masturbation ever. The great thing about having sex with a life-size love doll is that you can experience anything you want.

That said, whether you’re eating cherries and having sex with sex dolls for the first time, or just watching them, you can share tips on how to enjoy a toe curl and get the most out of your plush sex doll. Here are some new tips and tricks to keep things fresh and exciting.

Here are our top tips:

Warm up your sex doll ahead of time. A little preparation is key when it comes to having the best sex with your new real love doll. All of our RealDolls are made of the highest quality materials so the sex dolls are comfortable to the touch, but you can heat the deluxe love dolls slightly before use to further heat the sex dolls when the game starts. A life-size love doll can be felt warmly. One way to do this without actually damaging the love doll is to place the luxury sex doll under a heated electric blanket for 10-20 minutes. This means that when you start inserting a sex doll (or when you insert a real love doll) you don’t get into a situation of indifference and unwelcome. A little heat will bring RealDoll to life, making you feel warm and alive no matter what your mood is.

Make sure your sex doll is clean. There’s nothing sexy about maintaining good hygiene, so make sure your luxury love doll is clean and tidy before you start. This can be done easily and quickly. Your sex doll usually has three penetration options, each with removable sleeves. Whether it’s oral, anal, or vaginal sex, remove the penetration sleeve and clean with a water-based life-size love doll cleaner. This sleeve is made of special silicone material, so it feels real and out of the world to use. After a quick clean, just plug it in and everything is ready to have sex with a real love doll.

Get lubricant. A small amount of lubricant can change how it feels to have sex with a luxury sex doll. If you combine this with the preheating mentioned in tip 1, you might start to imagine how warm, wet and smooth the opening of the sex doll will be… choose a water based lubricant for silicone or TPE material. Please do not damage. Oils and silicone-based lubricants can damage the surfaces of love dolls and removable covers and should be avoided. This means you need to buy alternatives.

There are many benefits, but instead of adding more lube while training, try adding a small amount of water to have more lube already in the sleeve.

Position the RealDoll correctly. Many of our sex dolls can be placed upright, but we need to think about how to place our deluxe sex dolls. This will prevent accidental damage to the sex doll, but it’s also a way to place the life-size love doll in the correct position for your gender, so you don’t have to stop in the middle to reposition it.

A lot of people like to have a sex doll realistic on a bed or flat surface the first few times, but once you get used to having sex with luxury sex dolls, you will be more creative and experimental in other areas, such as dining chairs and table sex. can be the target. For example, a female sex doll sitting on a chair or bed may be the perfect height for oral sex. If you have a male real love doll and want full control over the depth and angle, you can stand on the real doll and enjoy a lot of potential poses. The skeleton of a sex doll is strong, but not as strong as a human skeleton, so choose a location that doesn’t burden the luxury love doll.

You can also put the sex doll in the bathtub or shower.
Choose clothing. Clothes are very erotic and can bring fantasy to life, so take the time to dress up your life-size love doll with whatever you find interesting. Dress up your true love doll, be it cheerleader uniform, flight attendant uniform, bikini or sexy lingerie, it will satisfy all your fantasies and desires.

As part of the dressing process, you can also add accessories to your luxury sex doll. For example, add handcuffs, cuffs, collars, lead, or seat belts if the constraints cause the bottom of the collar to heat up. The nice thing about dressing your sex doll is that he or she won’t say no. It’s all about you and your happiness.

Enter the appropriate headspace. Sex with a real love doll can be fast and hopeless or long and slow – it’s up to you. But just like when you’re with a human partner, taking the time to get into the right headspace and emotions can significantly up the ante. The approach to getting into the right headspace is completely personal, and what works for one person won’t work for another, but some of the processes outlined here may be part of it.

For example, putting on a RealDoll, choosing the right clothes, and taking the time to understand how hot a sex doll looks can help you transition from relaxation to excitement.

Likewise, scents can evoke memories, so if a particular scent intrigues you, you can put perfume or cologne on your luxurious love doll. Be careful to only spray on clothing, not on sex dolls, to avoid damaging the ultra-realistic silicone material.

You can play music, watch porn, and read porn as part of your workout. Experiment with different methods to see which works best for foreplay and create a stimulating, long-lasting experience that fulfills all your fantasies.

storage and maintenance. Storage and maintenance are an important part of keeping your life-size love doll in top condition and ready for anything. Do not store love dolls while wearing tight clothing or accessories. Remove these to avoid leaving marks or distorting the shape of your luxury sex doll, and always keep it clean after use.


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