TPE Luxury Love Doll Use, Cleaning And Maintenance Procedures

The outer layer of the sex dolls cheap is made of TPE with epoxy added to hold the body in place. All materials used meet health and safety standards, are harmless to humans and respect the environment.

Posture The delicate skeleton and joints allow the life-size love doll to stand flexibly in different positions. With a little imagination, it can look very human. To ensure durability, avoid positions that stretch your limbs for extended periods of time. TPE is very elastic, but can deform if stretched for too long. After use, put your hands down and put the real doll back in place.

sexual use
When using luxury sex dolls for sex, we recommend using a water-based lubricant. Silicone based lubricants are not recommended as they can damage the material.

The hole in the anus usually does not close. That is, you have direct access to the deepest parts of your body and bones. Therefore, condoms are recommended to prevent fluids from entering these internal areas.

The joints may feel a little stiff at first, but over time they relax.

Avoid sharp or pointed objects and do not force anime sex toys. Do not put excessive weight on the love doll or its limbs. For example, for dog sex, place the RealDoll’s chest on a flat surface (bed, sofa) to protect the wrist joints from excessive weight shocks.

After use, put the sex doll back in place and put your hands down.

Electric heating of sex dolls is not recommended as it will shorten the life of the deluxe sex doll, but you can heat the surface with an electric blanket, taking care not to overheat the life-size sex doll. It is recommended to keep the TPE surface permanently below 40°C so that the material itself does not soften too much. Love Doll Real Cats can be heated using the “heat stick” that may be included in each deluxe sex doll package (if not, please contact us to purchase). The USB heating rod should only be inserted for 2-3 minutes with the sex doll legs closed to prevent damage to the TPE due to overheating.

The standard procedure for making a true love doll requires the bones to be fixed and placed in the correct position. Several brackets were installed during the injection process, resulting in small patch holes not a manufacturing defect.

With a few exceptions (Piper Real Doll, Sunway 160 cm seamless), our sex dolls are made from two separate parts of the head and body. Most of the brands in the catalog use a quick coupler connection system. Start by screwing the M16 screws into the body, then clip the head around the neck.

Important: Not all brands use attachment types in videos. Some brands have their own fixing systems. If you don’t know how to assemble a luxury love doll, please contact us.

Be careful not to bleed your clothes. Don’t use them if your clothes are slightly frayed, as they are difficult to remove. We are not responsible for the consequences.

The dust and grime can be washed off with dish soap or body wash. Gently clean with the palm of your hand, paying attention to nails and other rough objects that may scratch the surface of the sex doll. Once dry, apply talc or cornmeal. Life-size love dolls look like new. Regular cleaning of the love doll is highly recommended.

In addition to frequent washing, it can sometimes be treated with mineral oil to prolong the life of luxury sex dolls. Have sex dolls use Baby Johnson Oil at least once a month to restore the TPE to its original flexibility and elasticity. Mineral oil is absorbed within 30-60 minutes. Consider using petroleum jelly or Nivea cream once a week on areas that are often tense or stretched, such as the pubic area or armpits. Nivea cream gets absorbed in about 6 hours and Vaseline in about 12 hours. This extra lubrication reduces the risk of cuts and tears in these sensitive areas. Avoid alcohol or acetone based products as they can damage the TPE.

Nivea Cream and Mineral Oil remove make-up and color from the face, breasts and vagina of love dolls. Avoid spreading them to these areas or ensure minimal contact.

When RealDoll arrives, we recommend (in order):
Immediate cleaning to remove production residues
Give her the Baby Johnson baby oil treatment
Once Baby Johnson Oil is fully absorbed, apply a layer of talc.

When not in use, put the big tit sex doll in its original box or flight case and store it in a dry place, preferably not too cold or too hot. TPE can start to warp between 50 and 55 degrees Celsius.

Luxurious love dolls can also be stored vertically. The sex doll can be allowed to stand if the screws are visible under the feet of the “standing ability”, but a wall or support element is always recommended. A body that is not too heavy can be hung on a horizontal bar (like a cabinet). A specific hook is required to hang the body. It is available upon request to most branded buyers in the catalog for a fee.

Use soft, clean materials to protect your life-size love doll during storage. Soft blankets and foam mattresses are among the most popular and recommended materials. When using the foam, it is advisable to leave a space near the buttocks and possibly the chest to avoid the risk of squeezing the buttocks.

Treat accidental scratches, cuts or small holes with TPE/silicone sealant. Before applying the adhesive, clean the defective area with a cleaner. Double-check that the defective surface is under tension during the bonding process. Repair time is approximately 30 minutes.

Products that remove lipstick and dirt are multipurpose cleansing oils sold in supermarkets and perfume stores.
Products used to clean clothes are TPE stain removers.
Use super glue to secure the nails.
Correct the TPE cut seen in the video using a TPE remover.


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