Shouldn’t You Be Jealous Of Your Husband’s Sex Doll Collection?

Collecting sex dolls is not a habit but a passion of most men, even married men. You love these dolls like you loved Barbie dolls when you were a kid. They enjoy dressing sexy real sex dolls, talking to them (often dirty), playing video games with them, and doing anything that requires company. Obviously, it’s hard for a woman to share her husband’s love with a lifeless doll. But even if your husband likes to collect dolls like this, there’s nothing to worry about.

You don’t like that statement, but it’s true. Any collection of sex dolls in your home will not harm your relationship. It would rather make your boring sedentary sex life more active. Here’s why you shouldn’t be jealous of dolls:

  1. Husband does not cheat

No matter what your husband does with the doll, or what his purpose in buying the doll is, he certainly won’t lie to you. Instead of interfering with the marital relationship, he bought a love doll and fulfilled his (sexual and other) fantasies with inanimate beauty. Think about it – are dolls really bad for you or your relationship?

  1. Husband regains self-confidence

Men’s physical fitness and ability to last longer during sex tends to diminish over time. As a result, they lost confidence in their beds and suffered from severe depression. In this case, having a set of dolls allows you to have sex with the dolls without feeling inferior. Slowly, slowly, your man can regain his excitement and confidence as before.

  1. Sexual diversity

Let’s face it. Doing the same thing every day can make your sex life boring. Of course, if you eat the same food every other day, you’ll get bored. So introducing petite sex dolls can add variety to your sex life. You will both seriously enjoy it. It will also save your relationship and ensure you are happy forever and ever.

In short, loving dolls is good for your relationship. If your husband likes dolls, you shouldn’t be jealous. You are the ultimate queen, and these inanimate, realistic beauties are just the medium to overwhelm the amorous elements of your life.


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