• Shouldn’t You Be Jealous Of Your Husband’s Sex Doll Collection?

    Collecting sex dolls is not a habit but a passion of most men, even married men. You love these dolls like you loved Barbie dolls when you were a kid. They enjoy dressing sexy real sex dolls, talking to them (often dirty), playing video games with them, and doing anything that requires company. Obviously, it’s hard for a woman to share her husband’s love with a lifeless doll. But even if your husband likes to collect dolls like this, there’s nothing to worry about.

    You don’t like that statement, but it’s true. Any collection of sex dolls in your home will not harm your relationship. It would rather make your boring sedentary sex life more active. Here’s why you shouldn’t be jealous of dolls:

    1. Husband does not cheat

    No matter what your husband does with the doll, or what his purpose in buying the doll is, he certainly won’t lie to you. Instead of interfering with the marital relationship, he bought a love doll and fulfilled his (sexual and other) fantasies with inanimate beauty. Think about it – are dolls really bad for you or your relationship?

    1. Husband regains self-confidence

    Men’s physical fitness and ability to last longer during sex tends to diminish over time. As a result, they lost confidence in their beds and suffered from severe depression. In this case, having a set of dolls allows you to have sex with the dolls without feeling inferior. Slowly, slowly, your man can regain his excitement and confidence as before.

    1. Sexual diversity

    Let’s face it. Doing the same thing every day can make your sex life boring. Of course, if you eat the same food every other day, you’ll get bored. So introducing petite sex dolls can add variety to your sex life. You will both seriously enjoy it. It will also save your relationship and ensure you are happy forever and ever.

    In short, loving dolls is good for your relationship. If your husband likes dolls, you shouldn’t be jealous. You are the ultimate queen, and these inanimate, realistic beauties are just the medium to overwhelm the amorous elements of your life.

  • Buying Love Dolls Online Is A Way To Achieve Happiness

    The desire to do something different during sex is something both men and women have in common. Enjoying different sexual positions, spending a lot of time in deep penetration, participating in various other activities is often affected. However, this requires the consent of the partner. If you’re looking for someone to try something new, a better way to get your wish is to choose an adult doll or get a love doll. There is no denying that the use of adult anime sex dolls and love dolls is ideal for enhancing the pleasure of sex, ensuring things that masturbation cannot.

    It depends on your choices and requirements, you can go anywhere to get the best quality adult dolls or sex dolls without asking anyone. Connecting online is a convenient and time-saving option that will help you meet your needs for the highest quality, bring real adults like ideal dolls and sex dolls, and give you the satisfaction you want. There is one. Choosing the best adult love doll or sex doll also depends on a variety of other factors including: B. Your taste, type and size of body parts, price and skin color. Some people like Japanese sex dolls. Others are looking for European beauties and small Asian sex dolls.

    On the Internet, you can choose the right sex doll, such as size and style. An online search will bring you to some of the top stores offering attractive discounts, such as the Japanese site aldoll where you can order anytime. This top doll shop is the best in the sex doll name. Sex Doll brings you a variety of adult doll and love doll designs such as: B. Height, Eye Color, Skin Tone, Vagina. You can choose and adjust according to your preferences.

  • Why choose Aldoll TPE dolls?

    The joy and pleasure a man can get in sex is unparalleled. For this reason, men are more willing than women to make their sex lives more enjoyable. For this reason, he is usually always on the lookout for new and effective ideas. There’s a lot of work ideas out there, but the dolls work really well. Yes, dolls are not creatures, but they may offer men better pleasure and enjoyment than real women, especially if women are not interested in sexual activity (like intercourse). Therefore, Sex doll torso are one of the most popular adult products not only in Japan but also in many countries around the world.

    Emotional or not, you’ll discover what your real wife can offer you in bed. Today’s reality dolls look like your real women. When you touch them and interact with them, you will feel like you are with your real woman. The feeling of touching your skin while inserting a penny into her vagina is wonderful and real. Her big breasts, beautiful face, perfect butt, and soft skin are enough to satisfy what you and your wife have been looking for.

    You can understand the fact that not all men are lucky and some women are completely satisfied with their beds. Today’s busy business life has a major impact on reducing libido in both men and women, so they are more likely to encounter women with low libido. If your wife is also one of the unhappy men in bed, you need to find a realistic love doll that has proven to be the ultimate stress reliever.

    When it comes to finding the doll you want, there are plenty of options on the internet that can meet your needs at relatively low prices. kichi-doll is one of the safest places because of its unique and wide range of products and affordable prices. The variety of TPE sex dolls available in this store is amazing. All you have to do is have a computer with good internet speed from which you can easily book your products.

    If you have any questions about their products, you should check out the TPE tiny sex dolls reviews they offer and decide accordingly. Everything is perfect for your next sex doll purchase!

  • Hollow VS Solid Boobs Sex Dolls

    If you browse the different models, you’ll notice that several brands like PiperDoll, DollForever, 6YEPremium, YLDoll, and WMDoll offer two different options to create the breasts of your creations.

    It is difficult for amateurs to distinguish between a hollow chest and a solid chest.

    Here is a short video to help you see it more clearly.

    The first true love dolls featured strong breasts. The chest is padded with TPE which gives you a less confident realism compared to the second Hollow which has a hollow chest.

    For realistic sex dolls, we recommend the hollow chest option. In fact, the airbags provide softness, softness and texture for a near-real caress.

    If you have any questions about the functionality of these two options, please feel free to contact us. We will contact you as soon as possible.

  • Sex Doll Vagina With Pubic Hair

    Are you most interested in life-size luxury love dolls and love hair? good news! Each model in the range of sex dolls sold by kichi-doll offers personalized vaginal hair. Whether you prefer subway tickets, classics, Brazilians, or something like a completely shaved pussy, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in our selection.

    This life-size doll features classic hair loss on her vagina. You can also customize her vagina fluff, subway tickets and Brazilian style. Pubic hair is manually added by the manufacturer one by one. This option costs money as it requires extra work to create a molded luxury sex doll.

    What do the hairy vaginas of sex dolls look like? Should I prefer furry or fully shaved love dolls? Before buying a life-size RealDoll, be aware of the pros and cons of choosing a furry vagina. First, your sex doll pubic hair is synthetic and doesn’t fit real women’s hair. Therefore, the densifying effect of a carefully placed vagina cannot be reproduced. But should you choose a fully depilated vagina or a furry one for your love luxury love doll?

    If you want to see what a fully waxed sex doll vagina looks like, read on.

    From our point of view, opting for a hairless vagina makes more sense. If you opt for a completely hairless vagina, you won’t be disappointed with opening your life-size love doll. No need to remove, trim or trim Love Doll’s real pubic hair after purchase. In addition, the pussy synthetic material of sexy luxury sex dolls is more difficult to maintain and store in the medium term. Sex doll pubic hair sheds years after intercourse, making it difficult to maintain.

    Can I add pubic hair to a real love doll?

    If you want to add hair to your teen sex doll vagina for your photo needs or your personal wishes, we have a solution for you with pubic hair patches. Please feel free to contact us for more information about this accessory. This furry vaginal patch is removable and can be securely attached to or removed from a sex doll’s vagina.

    Can I choose red or blonde pubic hair?

    When customizing your love luxury love doll, you will find that most manufacturers only offer brown pubic hair options. Manufacturers of molded sex dolls such as PiperDoll, DollForever and DollHouse168 offer the possibility to fill the vaginas of beloved life-size love dolls with golden pubic hair.

    Spark your imagination with true private “personalized” hair removal for Love Dolls. If you want to personalize your luxury sex doll swimwear with stars, flowers, hearts and other shapes… red hair, brunette, blonde and even more gorgeous… feel free to contact us. This type of hair loss is bright. Crazy fine parts!

  • TPE Luxury Love Doll Use, Cleaning And Maintenance Procedures

    The outer layer of the sex dolls cheap is made of TPE with epoxy added to hold the body in place. All materials used meet health and safety standards, are harmless to humans and respect the environment.

    Posture The delicate skeleton and joints allow the life-size love doll to stand flexibly in different positions. With a little imagination, it can look very human. To ensure durability, avoid positions that stretch your limbs for extended periods of time. TPE is very elastic, but can deform if stretched for too long. After use, put your hands down and put the real doll back in place.

    sexual use
    When using luxury sex dolls for sex, we recommend using a water-based lubricant. Silicone based lubricants are not recommended as they can damage the material.

    The hole in the anus usually does not close. That is, you have direct access to the deepest parts of your body and bones. Therefore, condoms are recommended to prevent fluids from entering these internal areas.

    The joints may feel a little stiff at first, but over time they relax.

    Avoid sharp or pointed objects and do not force anime sex toys. Do not put excessive weight on the love doll or its limbs. For example, for dog sex, place the RealDoll’s chest on a flat surface (bed, sofa) to protect the wrist joints from excessive weight shocks.

    After use, put the sex doll back in place and put your hands down.

    Electric heating of sex dolls is not recommended as it will shorten the life of the deluxe sex doll, but you can heat the surface with an electric blanket, taking care not to overheat the life-size sex doll. It is recommended to keep the TPE surface permanently below 40°C so that the material itself does not soften too much. Love Doll Real Cats can be heated using the “heat stick” that may be included in each deluxe sex doll package (if not, please contact us to purchase). The USB heating rod should only be inserted for 2-3 minutes with the sex doll legs closed to prevent damage to the TPE due to overheating.

    The standard procedure for making a true love doll requires the bones to be fixed and placed in the correct position. Several brackets were installed during the injection process, resulting in small patch holes not a manufacturing defect.

    With a few exceptions (Piper Real Doll, Sunway 160 cm seamless), our sex dolls are made from two separate parts of the head and body. Most of the brands in the catalog use a quick coupler connection system. Start by screwing the M16 screws into the body, then clip the head around the neck.

    Important: Not all brands use attachment types in videos. Some brands have their own fixing systems. If you don’t know how to assemble a luxury love doll, please contact us.

    Be careful not to bleed your clothes. Don’t use them if your clothes are slightly frayed, as they are difficult to remove. We are not responsible for the consequences.

    The dust and grime can be washed off with dish soap or body wash. Gently clean with the palm of your hand, paying attention to nails and other rough objects that may scratch the surface of the sex doll. Once dry, apply talc or cornmeal. Life-size love dolls look like new. Regular cleaning of the love doll is highly recommended.

    In addition to frequent washing, it can sometimes be treated with mineral oil to prolong the life of luxury sex dolls. Have sex dolls use Baby Johnson Oil at least once a month to restore the TPE to its original flexibility and elasticity. Mineral oil is absorbed within 30-60 minutes. Consider using petroleum jelly or Nivea cream once a week on areas that are often tense or stretched, such as the pubic area or armpits. Nivea cream gets absorbed in about 6 hours and Vaseline in about 12 hours. This extra lubrication reduces the risk of cuts and tears in these sensitive areas. Avoid alcohol or acetone based products as they can damage the TPE.

    Nivea Cream and Mineral Oil remove make-up and color from the face, breasts and vagina of love dolls. Avoid spreading them to these areas or ensure minimal contact.

    When RealDoll arrives, we recommend (in order):
    Immediate cleaning to remove production residues
    Give her the Baby Johnson baby oil treatment
    Once Baby Johnson Oil is fully absorbed, apply a layer of talc.

    When not in use, put the big tit sex doll in its original box or flight case and store it in a dry place, preferably not too cold or too hot. TPE can start to warp between 50 and 55 degrees Celsius.

    Luxurious love dolls can also be stored vertically. The sex doll can be allowed to stand if the screws are visible under the feet of the “standing ability”, but a wall or support element is always recommended. A body that is not too heavy can be hung on a horizontal bar (like a cabinet). A specific hook is required to hang the body. It is available upon request to most branded buyers in the catalog for a fee.

    Use soft, clean materials to protect your life-size love doll during storage. Soft blankets and foam mattresses are among the most popular and recommended materials. When using the foam, it is advisable to leave a space near the buttocks and possibly the chest to avoid the risk of squeezing the buttocks.

    Treat accidental scratches, cuts or small holes with TPE/silicone sealant. Before applying the adhesive, clean the defective area with a cleaner. Double-check that the defective surface is under tension during the bonding process. Repair time is approximately 30 minutes.

    Products that remove lipstick and dirt are multipurpose cleansing oils sold in supermarkets and perfume stores.
    Products used to clean clothes are TPE stain removers.
    Use super glue to secure the nails.
    Correct the TPE cut seen in the video using a TPE remover.

  • Having Sex With A Sex Doll

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the most common questions we get asked, hearing what it’s really like to have sex with a real flat chest sex doll. Of course, as you’ve probably read, you’re supposed to have a strong orgasm, and you’re guaranteed complete freedom to live out all the eccentric fantasies and desires you’ve ever had. Exactly as you might imagine, and when you’ll need it – but you might also want to know more practical considerations.

    how do you feel? Another hot issue. How do physical sensations differ between having sex with a RealDoll and having sex with a human partner? There are other ways to have sex with a sex doll, including how to get started, how to place a luxury love doll, and how to prepare a sex doll for the sexiest and most enjoyable experience.

    Remember, before we dive into our ultimate guide to the best sex with your new life-size love doll, your real love doll is entirely designed for your pleasure. .. You’ve spent time researching your dream sex doll, you’ve been careful to customize your sex doll to suit your tastes and turn it on, so do what feels right to you. Just because a guy likes sex with a real love doll doesn’t shake your world to the same extent. It’s always worth taking the time to find your favorite. After all, it’s half the fun!

    Feels like having sex with a real doll
    As I mentioned before, sex is very personal and your own taste is what matters. Some people like to set the scene and bring out the foreplay to add excitement, while others enjoy the gratification of fast and tense moments.

    The formula for finding the best way to have sex with a Dutch wife comes down to your own taste and preferences. If you’re looking for a date with a luxury love doll, you’ll probably enjoy dressing up the sex doll, choosing music, and spending time enjoying pre-sex rituals.

    Late gratification may not work for you if your interests are more free to live through your wildest fantasies with the help of the best masturbation ever. The great thing about having sex with a life-size love doll is that you can experience anything you want.

    That said, whether you’re eating cherries and having sex with sex dolls for the first time, or just watching them, you can share tips on how to enjoy a toe curl and get the most out of your plush sex doll. Here are some new tips and tricks to keep things fresh and exciting.

    Here are our top tips:

    Warm up your sex doll ahead of time. A little preparation is key when it comes to having the best sex with your new real love doll. All of our RealDolls are made of the highest quality materials so the sex dolls are comfortable to the touch, but you can heat the deluxe love dolls slightly before use to further heat the sex dolls when the game starts. A life-size love doll can be felt warmly. One way to do this without actually damaging the love doll is to place the luxury sex doll under a heated electric blanket for 10-20 minutes. This means that when you start inserting a sex doll (or when you insert a real love doll) you don’t get into a situation of indifference and unwelcome. A little heat will bring RealDoll to life, making you feel warm and alive no matter what your mood is.

    Make sure your sex doll is clean. There’s nothing sexy about maintaining good hygiene, so make sure your luxury love doll is clean and tidy before you start. This can be done easily and quickly. Your sex doll usually has three penetration options, each with removable sleeves. Whether it’s oral, anal, or vaginal sex, remove the penetration sleeve and clean with a water-based life-size love doll cleaner. This sleeve is made of special silicone material, so it feels real and out of the world to use. After a quick clean, just plug it in and everything is ready to have sex with a real love doll.

    Get lubricant. A small amount of lubricant can change how it feels to have sex with a luxury sex doll. If you combine this with the preheating mentioned in tip 1, you might start to imagine how warm, wet and smooth the opening of the sex doll will be… choose a water based lubricant for silicone or TPE material. Please do not damage. Oils and silicone-based lubricants can damage the surfaces of love dolls and removable covers and should be avoided. This means you need to buy alternatives.

    There are many benefits, but instead of adding more lube while training, try adding a small amount of water to have more lube already in the sleeve.

    Position the RealDoll correctly. Many of our sex dolls can be placed upright, but we need to think about how to place our deluxe sex dolls. This will prevent accidental damage to the sex doll, but it’s also a way to place the life-size love doll in the correct position for your gender, so you don’t have to stop in the middle to reposition it.

    A lot of people like to have a sex doll realistic on a bed or flat surface the first few times, but once you get used to having sex with luxury sex dolls, you will be more creative and experimental in other areas, such as dining chairs and table sex. can be the target. For example, a female sex doll sitting on a chair or bed may be the perfect height for oral sex. If you have a male real love doll and want full control over the depth and angle, you can stand on the real doll and enjoy a lot of potential poses. The skeleton of a sex doll is strong, but not as strong as a human skeleton, so choose a location that doesn’t burden the luxury love doll.

    You can also put the sex doll in the bathtub or shower.
    Choose clothing. Clothes are very erotic and can bring fantasy to life, so take the time to dress up your life-size love doll with whatever you find interesting. Dress up your true love doll, be it cheerleader uniform, flight attendant uniform, bikini or sexy lingerie, it will satisfy all your fantasies and desires.

    As part of the dressing process, you can also add accessories to your luxury sex doll. For example, add handcuffs, cuffs, collars, lead, or seat belts if the constraints cause the bottom of the collar to heat up. The nice thing about dressing your sex doll is that he or she won’t say no. It’s all about you and your happiness.

    Enter the appropriate headspace. Sex with a real love doll can be fast and hopeless or long and slow – it’s up to you. But just like when you’re with a human partner, taking the time to get into the right headspace and emotions can significantly up the ante. The approach to getting into the right headspace is completely personal, and what works for one person won’t work for another, but some of the processes outlined here may be part of it.

    For example, putting on a RealDoll, choosing the right clothes, and taking the time to understand how hot a sex doll looks can help you transition from relaxation to excitement.

    Likewise, scents can evoke memories, so if a particular scent intrigues you, you can put perfume or cologne on your luxurious love doll. Be careful to only spray on clothing, not on sex dolls, to avoid damaging the ultra-realistic silicone material.

    You can play music, watch porn, and read porn as part of your workout. Experiment with different methods to see which works best for foreplay and create a stimulating, long-lasting experience that fulfills all your fantasies.

    storage and maintenance. Storage and maintenance are an important part of keeping your life-size love doll in top condition and ready for anything. Do not store love dolls while wearing tight clothing or accessories. Remove these to avoid leaving marks or distorting the shape of your luxury sex doll, and always keep it clean after use.

  • Not Only Can You Imagine Using Sex Dolls

    Leaving him in a depressed state will only invite negative emotions. Therefore, people tend to use online dolls to permanently suppress their loneliness. Whatever the reason, they at least stay with others and share their feelings. She is the best choice when there is no one in your life you can trust or communicate freely with.

    Feel Happy: Not only can you imagine using a tiny sex doll, but you can also imagine. With this World Cup doll, you can easily enjoy and benefit from sex. Sexy and cute: these dolls are always your best choice. They give you the same image and become one of the best characters you’ve ever seen. Before buying these dolls, you should make some modifications to these dolls. For example, on some online sites, you can place these dolls on the bed.

    Durability is often a key factor as well, as TPE is more durable and can withstand stretching better when placing silicone dolls. Both materials can be repaired. Both repairs are fairly easy as long as you follow the instructions. Some TPEs develop an odor, but the odor usually lingers after soaking in warm body wash and cornstarch baby powder. Of all the experiences and forums I’ve read, the smell is usually the least important as it will eventually go away over time or in the bathroom.

    Simple and Beautiful: You don’t have to worry about their beauty because they are real and vivid. You can easily mix and match these doll variants, watch real girls and admire their beauty. Soft and Sexy: These dolls not only look beautiful but also sexy as you can easily achieve their stunning beauty. You don’t have to imagine it, but you can open your eyes and observe its beauty immediately.

    Buy quality adult dolls, silicone dolls, real fun. There is no better and more convenient way to satisfy and enjoy life than to enjoy sex, foreplay and erotic moments. The undeniable fact is that not everyone is lucky enough to have this kind of fun. Otherwise, regular sex tends to lead to boredom and convince people to gossip or have sex with them. For single people, masturbation is a common occurrence and tends to be satisfying. However, the benefits that people derive from their relationships with partners have not been acknowledged.

    Wait for the special season for special opportunities for discounts on sex dolls. For example, these companies offer discounts on their products on Valentine’s Day or your birthday. When you first register on the site, you will be asked about your birthday or anniversary, a special moment in your life. On these special days, they may be offering huge discounts on select love dolls as a way to market their purchases.

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  • How To Get A High-End Silicone Love Doll

    Do you wear silicone sex doll dresses? Wearing an original sex doll is different from wearing regular clothes. Do you wear sex doll clothes? Even if the clothes are not that beautiful, people have to rely on them, but wearing the right clothes adds a bit of glamour, not to mention how to plan how to fit high-quality silicone dolls into your clothes. In addition to simulation, styles have different personalities and feelings, whether the clothes are beautiful or different.

    Silicone sex dolls – perhaps the best selling item on the market today. Silicone is one of the realistic sex doll materials for making female replicas. As TPE, silicone does not leak elements and has been widely used in breast transplants. They give a realistic feel to the doll with the most comfortable features. These silicone love dolls are bulky, heavy and large to look like real ladies and don’t even offer more plasticity. However, they are a bit expensive. So if you want to experience lifelike sex dolls, you need to buy sex dolls that cost around $1,000-$3,000.

    What better way to change the look of a sex doll, weekday blonde, and weekend brunette? Every other day there are changes and fresh girlish feelings. If that’s not enough, you can always order other girls in different colors, sizes or varieties (if necessary). They are still the virgins of Urdor. Check out our latest adorable models from the best selling live action dolls or any doll collection.

    If you want to be with the girl you’ve been thinking about, you’ll know that everyone here will listen to you and share their secret desires with you. Visit her Gutdolls site and you’ll be a bride in no time. By the time you come home looking natural, with beautiful eyes, natural hair, dressed what you want, ready to explore your own fantasy world – yes! You can build them however you want, their body size, skin color, eyes, whether they have cat hair, whether they have tattoos, etc.

    There are many online stores that offer the best Aldoll, but the quality and prices we offer are leading the way. All products are of the highest quality and competitive prices. Honestly, Japanese people are obsessed with TPE sex dolls from this company. Whether you’re a couple or someone who overcomes loneliness, you have plenty of options.

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  • A Complete Guide To Providing Sex Doll Wigs

    Pierce the anus with a dildo – you’re just having sex with an inanimate object, no matter how much pain you cause her. The only thing that matters is your satisfaction. You can surpass any challenging level. If this makes your sexual nerves jittery, go for it! Insert it into the hole of a real sex doll with a bouncy dildo and give her maximum pain when needed. She won’t mind.

    Diversity is a passion for life, and that’s the case with sex doll wigs. You’ll use life-size love dolls a lot, but you might get tired of seeing dolls with the same wigs, hairstyles, and even vaginas for a while. You want to change the look of the sex doll. That’s why we’re here to provide a complete guide to sex doll wigs to help you choose the right wig for your doll, as well as cleaning, bristles and safety accessories.

    Baby’s skin, while strong and durable enough to withstand tears, tears and stains, is indestructible. You should be careful not to keep your love doll away from dark fabrics and tight dresses. If you like dark clothes, you should wash them before putting them on the doll instead of storing them on the doll. The best clothes for dolls are lightweight fabrics.

    It’s different, but unfortunately even God fails to express a beautiful heart and soul oriented girl structure. She just knows how to spread love. However, the man’s efforts did not fail. An example of this is love dolls with premium specifications sold at very competitive prices. Follow such a great inventor, not only in Japan but around the world.

    Unfortunately, there are many online stores selling male sex dolls, most of which sell so-called “fake sex dolls”. Some even set up their own sex doll review sites (with different names of course) and recommend their fake sex doll shops to customers. It’s really sneaky if you ask us. You can choose between high quality and the latest sex dolls, order the best sex dolls, and offer a range of easy-to-use, fully functional small adult sex dolls. You need to read the details carefully, place the order and wait for it to be delivered to your address.